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Saturday, March 29, 2014

3D printing technology currently allows replacement of almost any human part

This testifies the first ever implant operation of a 3D-printed skull to a human, replacing the upper part of the natural skull as its abnormal thickening put exceeding pressure to the person' s brain. The operation was recently performed in a Dutch hospital in Europe for a 22 year old woman who has now reportedly completely recovered and is back to her natural activities.

3D printing is already revolutionalizing diverse fields including medicine, robotics and military, as it brings manufacturing to a whole new level by globalizing the potential of producing physical objects that could otherwise cost multiple times more, since their production was geographically attached.

This essentially implies that a digitization of a domain in combination to 3D printing will bring the corresponding technology to the hands of anyone with an internet access and a 3D printer. This has immense implications in our understanding of the functioning of the world and the organization of the society as we knew it, is now, as a result, being completely transformed.

To conclude, and to satisfy the readers of the blog that might wonder about the relevance of this to robotics, here is a video that could make the above thesis more convincing.

Open Hand Project

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