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Saturday, March 1, 2014

An interview with Google' s director of engineering Ray Kurzweil

Amidst the recent series of robotics and AI companies being integrated by Google, clearly, there exist long-term plans for making extremely influential technological breakthroughs in the forthcoming years. But what exactly is really being prepared? Is it just about plans for new products, bigger market shares, or is there something bigger being envisioned?

To understand better these questions and reach out for answers, a recent interview from Google' s director of engineering Ray Kurzweil is quite revealing (and accessible from this link), that i recommend you to go on and read.

Picture of Ray Kurzweil

Besides any extracted facts or conclusions made after reading that article, i can certainly highlight the immense responsibility and role of scientists in shaping human society and tomorrow' s world. Which is, a COLLECTIVE responsibility. As it won't matter what one individually pursues as long as the overall scientific research system' s trend follows a clear distinctive pattern.

Plenty of food for thought, that is, regarding the impact of robotics and AI' s research. Which motivates me to conclude this post with the following quote:

'Research responsibly'

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