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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Are we robots ourselves?

Perhaps this is not the most common question one may ask to him/herself. The original question that i posed to myself was whether we will eventually be able to build robots as we envision them today. Is such a goal really feasible, it is realistic?

Below is the definition of the word "Robot", quoted from different on-line dictionaries:

and so on... The origin of the word "Robot" is from Czech, literally meaning "forced labor".

The above two definitions are particularly interesting. Because they both clearly suggest that one can immediately turn himself into a robot if he simply put himself at the service of an external authority-power. 

Afterwards, the degree to which somebody is more skillful and effective compared to others in doing things automatically and repeatedly, only concerns how good or bad robot he or she is. It is not so much a matter of the quality of the "forced labor" to actually be a robot. This only affects the level of responsibility that will be appointed to the voluntary human robot.

So i ask again, are we robots ourselves? I think the answer is undeniable. Human behavior tends to be identical to the very definition of robot. But is this actually truly human or not? Or better, are we still in the state of robots before having accomplished to express our pure human nature?

We are trying to build artificial robots, and still we seem not to have accomplished much of our expectations. We all however become robots whenever we give away our own will to someone else's and provide our skills to another's service.

Given the current status, it seems to me more likely that we are going towards a robotization of ourselves. Metaphorically and literally...

As of the time of this writing, the hour is late. Time for me to recharge...

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